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Looking for a community of people who share your curiosity, passion, vision, and desire for more? 

Heartland Homestead is here for you! We are a family farm in Oberlin, Ohio offering modern homesteading education + community, wellness gatherings + retreats, homeschool workshops, Mom-Treats, and more.  

If learning how to raise egg or meat chickens, make elderberry syrup, or experience yoga and a sound bath under the full moon sound appealing to you, then you are in the right place! 

Heartland Homestead is carving out a delicious and glorious niche in Northeast Ohio for you and your family to connect, learn, and grow. Our vision is for a village to take root and flourish on our farm - one where you can learn to feed your family from your tiny backyard and kitchen, forage for herbal remedies on a walk around the park, or enjoy sisterhood and connection across a bonfire after yoga under the moon. 

We offer a little bit of everything from Mother Nature and hope you find your connection here too.

Heartland Homestead is a place where you come to become your truest self. 

Want to learn more? See our upcoming events + opportunities to work with us below.

What's in Season?

Summer 2024

Want to book a private workshop or event? Contact us to get started!

Yellow And White Flowers

Discover the Magic of Heartland Homestead

Summer Workshops + Markets 

Welcome to Heartland Homestead, where we celebrate the wonders of community and nature. Join us for our Herbal Apothecary workshops and learn how to create your own natural remedies. Don't miss our monthly sound baths, where you'll get the opportunity to relax + renew.

Don't see the event you want? Check under our events page!

Book Heartland Homestead for . . . 

Like dandelions in the spring and zucchini mid-summer, we offer an abundance of workshops + wellness opportunities both on-farm and at your location. 

*Online booking is not currently available. Please email, call, or message us on social for more info.*

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Sound Baths

 We offer individual or group sound baths for yoga studios, girls' night, libraries, + more!

Homemade Preserves

Modern Homesteading Workshop

We offer workshops on everything from fermenting kombucha, backyard layer + meat chickens, and elderberry syrup to foraging walks, candle making, and canning! 

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Wild-Foraged Self-Care Workshops 

Looking for an unique experience for a birthday? Wedding or baby shower? Homeschool co-op? We can do that - 

candle making, lip balm, flower crowns, face masks, lotion bars, + more!

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